Cold Drinks Vending Machines





Faster Performance

A larger 9” touchscreen with full-motion video

Suggestive selling and digital advertising

Low energy consumption

Crane BevMAX MEDIA2 45 TOUCH is a unique vending machine for cold drinks. Offers up to 45 selections of all can and bottle formats and a capacity of 405 products. The large, illuminated glass front of the BevMax 2 is lit by long-life low energy LED lighting, providing consumers with a clear, unobstructed view of all products available, allowing maximum sales impact. The delivery port is vandal resistant.

A larger 9” touchscreen with full-motion video attracts and engages consumers. A multi-product purchases is enabled with one, simple transaction. All this helps to significantly increase turnover.

The cooling system is with Freon R290 - mandatory from 01.01.2022.

Power consumption is 251 W / h.

Number of selections: 45 - each up to 9 pcs. 0.5l PET, total 405

Height: 185 cm.

Width:118 cm.

Length: 82 cm.

Weight: 330 kg.





Attractive design

Convenient interface

Ergonomic delivery compartment 

Large graphical display 

Direct access to columns for easier loading

Energy efficiency A

Diesis is the most innovative and complete solution currently available for dispensing cold drinks in all can and bottle formats and store up to 676 cans and 338 bottles. Its modern and essential design is conceived to guarantee an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The attractive and high-impact aesthetics is characterized by an aluminum side panel with a black insert made of bright polycarbonate, by a photographic panel backlit by led lights and by the new ergonomic dispensing compartment, which has been specifically conceived for high visibility and easy accessibility.

The side panel is equipped with a large graphical display, selection buttons and new well-lit coin insert and return compartments. The delivery bin is outside the cabinet and completed with an upper openable door made of transparent polycarbonate. The machine has been designed so that it can be easily moved: thanks to the removable delivery bin the cumber with door open is only 700mm. 

Number of selections: 7.8 pcs

Height: 183 cm.

Width: 75 cm.

Length: 78 cm.

Weight: 280 kg.

Cold drinks




Possibility to sale products with different diameters

The construction of the cabinet provides effective insulation

Ergonomic delivery compartment

Necta Zeta can offer a wide selection of cold drinks as cans and bottles. The reduction of energy consumption is guaranteed by the new cooling unit, and the construction of the cabinet provides effective insulation. The Zeta range offers an effective protection against the tents and vandalism acts. Easy to maintain and load products.

Number of selections: 6 pcs

Height: 183 cm.

Width: 87 cm.

Length: 91 cm.

Weight: 330 kg.